The Save My Thyroid Project

The Save My Thyroid Project

While there is a time and place for conventional medical treatment, too many people with hyperthyroidism receive radioactive iodine or thyroid surgery unnecessarily.  Most of the time there are other options to help preserve the health of the thyroid gland.  The goal of the Save My Thyroid Project is to help at least 100,000 people with hyperthyroidism avoid radioactive iodine and thyroid surgery.

I plan on accomplishing this through the following:

Educating people who have hyperthyroidism through my book, videos, articles, and the Save My Thyroid Podcast

Help people with hyperthyroidism directly through one-on-one consultations and group programs

Bring further awareness through live events (online challenges, livestreams, etc.)

How Can YOU Support the Save My Thyroid Project?

If you’re interested in helping people preserve the health of their thyroid gland, the best thing you can do is spread the word.  Tell them about the Save My Thyroid Podcast and other free resources for those with hyperthyroidism. Encourage them to join my email list so that they will receive regular updates related to hyperthyroidism/Graves’ disease.