Noi Melissa Photo” I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease, and I began to notice changes in my symptoms pretty quickly after beginning the natural treatment protocol. After the first month my palpitations and anxiety type symptoms almost disappeared and I was sleeping better at night.

The second month results were even better! I felt so good that I began tapering off my antidepressant medication that I had been taking for years.

After the third month all of the symptoms that I had experienced prior were no longer present. My energy levels were better than they had been in a year and my thyroid lab results were within the normal range. “

– Melissa N.
Aurora, Colorado

Branch Katie Photo” After years of jumping from doctor to doctor then losing two babies to miscarriage I was finally diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Graves. I spent two years on horrible thyroid medication only to wind up with more issues and side effects from the meds. I earnestly prayed for healing and God led me down the path of finding out the root cause of my hyperthyroidism. Now I am so blessed to say that I have been medication free for over 4 months!! This is huge for me since all my doctors said I would take medication my entire life. This natural healing journey is working and it has been AMAZING! I am sleeping great, free of mood swings, depression, night sweats, joint pain and PMS! Not to mention I have tons of energy!

I want to say a special thank you to Dr. Osansky. He is an amazing doctor who truly has a passion for his patients and his work. I am beyond blessed to be able to know him and be one of his patients! “

– Katie B.
Bishop, Georgia

Boeck Melanie Photo scaled” I Didn’t Want To Permanently Destroy My Thyroid!
I was diagnosed with “hyperthyroidism with no known cause” at age 32. I had experienced all of the typical hyperthyroid symptoms, with heart palpitations finally getting me in to see my doctor. I was then put on the anti-thyroid drug, Methimazole. It was 5 years later when my endocrinologist asked me if I was ready for radioactive iodine treatment to destroy part of my thyroid. Right then, I knew I had to find another solution. I didn’t want to permanently destroy my thyroid and I didn’t want to be on medication for life either. The medication did an okay job of masking my symptoms, but it worried me that it was only a mask.

I found hope in Dr. Osansky’s approach to try to figure out the underlying causes that were keeping my thyroid overactive. In my case, he helped me figure out that a lot of my issues were gut related. After I started a whole foods diet, cut out the foods that caused irritation, started Dr. Osansky’s supplement recommendation and did a few other lifestyle changes, I received great results. I felt so relieved and happy that I finally figured me out! My blood tests became normal and now I am off my anti-thyroid medication and doing well. Dr. Osansky gave me the tools I needed to help me restore my health. I would definitely recommend trying a natural approach to achieving better health. The effort I put forth paid off in a big way. I now have a better understanding of my body, adapted to a healthier lifestyle for my family and I, and I have the tools and knowledge to go forth healthy and happy without medication. “

– Melanie B. Temecula,

Addario Mike Photo1” Since following the natural treatment protocol I have all of the energy that I had before Graves’ Disease, and not being on the medication feels wonderful. Being able to do all of the things that I used to do is fantastic, as we all take so many things for granted in life, and our health/body is very sensitive so what we feed it is so important, good in good out. Little by little my blood work came back to the normal range but you have to follow the natural treatment protocol. “

– Michael A.
Albany, NY



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“My Blood Tests Are Now Within The Normal Ranges!”

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