These are the supplements I recommend:

Note: I’m always making changes with the supplements I recommend.


Supplements for Inflammation and Gut Support:

Probiotics (2 options, as I recommend rotating them):

Option #1: SMT-Probio (Contains over 40 billion CFU and 18 well-researched strains): 1 capsule with lunch (please refrigerate upon receiving):

Option #2: ProbioMed 50 (contains 50 billion CFU of well-researched strains): 1 capsule with lunch (please refrigerate upon receiving):

Now Foods, Certified Organic Inulin (a prebiotic): start with 1/4 to 1/2  teaspoon per day and gradually increase:

Now Foods, Certified Organic, Acacia Fiber, Powder: start with 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon daily and gradually increase:

Note: you can rotate the prebiotic inulin with the acacia fiber, taking each one every other day.

Enzymes Plus: A blend of digestive enzymes that also includes betaine HCL and ox bile extract: 1 capsule at the beginning of each major meal:

OmegaPure 820 (an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids): 1-2 softgels 2x/day (please refrigerate upon receiving):

Gamma Linolenic Acid (helps to reduce inflammation): one softgel every other day:

Gut Healing Bundle:


Supplements for Adrenal Support:

Adrenal Essence (supports the adrenals and HPA axis): 1 capsule 15 to 20 minutes before breakfast and/or lunch

Xymogen B Activ B Complex: 1 capsule 2x/day


H. Pylori Triple Therapy Protocol:

SMT-Probio (Contains over 40 billion CFU and 18 well-researched strains): 1 capsule with lunch (please refrigerate upon receiving):                  

Saccharomycin DF (Has Saccharomyces boulardi). 1 capsule with breakfast and dinner (please refrigerate upon receiving):

ProbioSpore (a spore-based probiotic consisting of 5 different bacillus strains): 1 capsule with breakfast and dinner:

GastroSelect: 2 capsules 2x/day with breakfast and dinner:

ParaBotanic Select: 2 capsules 2x/day 20 to 30 minutes before meals


Other Supplement Recommendations:

N-Acetylcysteine (NAC): helps with glutathione production, which supports the detoxification pathways: 1 capsule 2x/day between meals:

Hepatommune Supreme (supports liver and immune system): take 2 capsules 2x/day:

SMT-Mag (contains highly absorbable magnesium providing 150mg of elemental magnesium per capsule: 2 capsules with meals:

DFH Complete Multivitamin: 2 capsules 2x/day:

DFH Twice Daily Multi: 1 capsule 2x/day:


Supplement Bundles:

Gut Healing Bundle:

Thyroid Eye Disease Bundle:

Thyroid Calming Bundle:


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