Episode - Your Thyroid Questions Answered!


Your Thyroid Questions Answered!

Is there a connection between celiac disease and thyroid autoimmunity? Why do different labs have different reference ranges? When should you monitor TPO and TSI levels? Is it okay to take antithyroid medications while pregnant?

Today I’m back with another Q&A episode, answering multiple questions submitted by the Save My Thyroid community. While I can’t get to everyone’s questions every time, I love creating these for you, and I’ll do similar episodes every couple of months. Please share your questions with me by emailing info@naturalendocrinesolutions.com, and I’ll include the ones that are relevant to the most listeners.

Enjoy the episode!


During this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Q1: I have gluten autoimmune conditions and hypothyroidism. I know there can be several causes of Hashimoto’s, but are gluten and thyroid autoimmunity connected?



  • Q3: Can I have normal TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) and still have symptoms of hypothyroidism, like low blood pressure and slow pulse?
    • Common symptoms of hypothyroidism and other conditions which could cause them
    • Differentiating between normal and optimal levels
    • The main lab markers to test for hypothyroidism



  • Q5: My thyroid keeps moving from hyper to hypo and hypo to hyper. How do I handle that?
    • Natural options to consider for addressing the underlying issues


  • Q6: Are thyroid symptoms constant, or do they come and go? When I have symptoms, they come on for a day and last 10 to 24 hours, then everything feels normal. This happens every seven to 10 days.
    • Thyroid symptoms often fluctuate, but this pattern is not typical
    • In all situations, it’s going to be important to find and remove triggers and correct underlying imbalances


  • Q7: I have very frequent urination as one of my hyperthyroid symptoms. Is there anything that helps with this? It’s really starting to diminish my quality of life.
    • Different treatment approaches that can help with hyperthyroidism



  • Q9: Regarding taking bugleweed for your thyroid, how long did you take it, and what was the dosage amount?
    • How I used bugleweed when dealing with Graves’ Disease
    • Why it’s important to address the root cause, not just take the herbs


  • Q10: I had my thyroid ablated in 2010, but if I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have done it. My current TSH is 0.214, T3 is 4.4, and T4 is 1.69. My naturopathic physician wants me to see an endocrinologist, and I don’t want to. Could any of my supplements make my numbers a little wonky?
    • Sometimes people become hyperthyroid after receiving radioactive iodine
    • Testing I would recommend


  • Q11: I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism today, and my doctor suspects it to be Graves’. My question is, can the herbal blend be taken with enlarged thyroid? Is there a way to take the herbs together with methimazole?


  • Q12: What foods can I eat to gain my weight back?
    • Diet alone is not usually enough; you have to address the hyperthyroidism
    • What to think about if hyperthyroidism is not an issue




  • Q15: As of my last two quarterly labs, the Hashimotos antibodies are now within normal range, and Graves’ is continuing to trend down. I had been taking 150 micrograms of iodine per day, starting last summer, for about nine months, and for the last three months, I’ve been using dulse and kelp in my smoothies. Your input on this topic would be greatly appreciated.
    • Why I’m cautious about iodine
    • Potential risks associated with high doses of iodine


As always, I hope you found this episode valuable, and I look forward to catching you in the next episode!


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