Episode - Your Thyroid Questions Answered!!!


Your Thyroid Questions Answered!!!

Can hyperthyroidism be cured? Is killing your thyroid better than suffering the side effects of PTU? Which testing should you focus on when dealing with Graves’ disease? Does perimenopause affect the thyroid?

Today, I’m back with another Q&A episode, answering multiple questions submitted by the Save My Thyroid community. While I can’t get to everyone’s questions every time, I love creating these for you, and I’ll do similar episodes every couple of months. Please share your questions with me by emailing info@naturalendocrinesolutions.com, and I’ll include the most relevant ones in upcoming episodes.


During this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Q1: Where do I get started with testing when it comes to Graves’ disease?
    • Where to start with testing
    • The type of testing I recommend for my patients



  • Q3: Is killing your thyroid better than the side effects of PTU?
    • The concerns around the side effects of PTU
    • Treatment alternatives outside of antithyroid medication
    • Why my personal preference would be avoiding radioactive iodine or thyroid surgery



  • Q5: How do you stop being hot with hyperthyroidism and Graves’, and how do you lower antibody levels quickly?
    • How natural antithyroid agents can help with managing heat intolerance


  • Q6: If thyroid nodules are too small for biopsies and are monitored and may cause anxiety symptoms, shouldn’t they be removed?
    • Why the primary focus should be on addressing the root cause of the nodules
    • The two most common causes of thyroid nodules


  • Q7: I have thyroid eye disease; is there a natural treatment I can try to lower my TSI levels?
    • Natural treatments, such as selenium and vitamin D, for lowering thyroid antibodies


  • Q8: Can hypothyroidism be cured? Do you say that hypothyroidism is the same as Hashimoto’s?
    • The different types of hyper- and hypothyroidism
    • My experience with permanent remission




  • Q11: I have a question about the TRAB range. Why aim for in-range numbers and not zero?
    • Why I tend to aim for the lower end or below the reference range
    • Considering the benefits versus costs of continuing to push toward a negative result


  • Q12: What diet should you eat with thyroid issues? How do you transition from pharma meds to herbs?
    • Recognizing that there’s no herbal alternative for thyroid replacement
    • Gradually allowing your body to rely more on herbs than medication
    • Exploring different diet options and the need for an individualized approach





  • Q16: Have any therapies – such as PMF, red light therapy, oxygen therapy, cryotherapy, compressed air, squeeze detox, sound therapy, or AI-assisted weight resistance machines – been found to benefit low thyroid?
    • My experience with and insights into these alternative therapies



  • Q18: What are the differences between thyroid cysts and nodules?
    • Key differentiators between cysts and nodules



  • Q20: How much protein do you recommend daily?
    • Why I recommend 50-75% of your ideal body weight in grams


  • Q21: Which supplements work better for hypo- versus hyperthyroidism?
    • How you can figure out which supplements are best for you


  • Q22: Can hormones produced by other glands, like the adrenals, affect the thyroid?
    • The hormones that typically impact thyroid


As always, I hope you found this episode valuable, and I look forward to catching you in the next episode!


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