Episode - Your Hyperthyroid Questions Answered!!!


Your Hyperthyroid Questions Answered!!!

What can be used naturally to reduce a hyperthyroidism goiter? How can I know if I have Graves’ disease or subclinical hyperthyroidism? Will eye puffiness and protrusion associated with Graves’ disease ever go away?

Today, I’m back with another Q&A episode, answering multiple questions submitted by the Save My Thyroid community. While I can’t get to everyone’s questions every time, I love creating these for you, and I’ll do similar episodes every couple of months. Please share your questions with me by emailing info@naturalendocrinesolutions.com, and I’ll include the most relevant ones in upcoming episodes.


During this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Q1: How can I know if I have Graves’ disease or subclinical hyperthyroidism, which will go away?
    • Differences in the diagnostic criteria for Graves’ disease and subclinical hyperthyroidism
    • The markers that characterize subclinical Graves’ disease
    • Recognizing that, in most cases, you’ll want to do things to address the underlying cause of the problem


  • Q2: Can I treat my hyperthyroidism with only bugleweed, motherwort, and lemon balm? If so, how long should I use these herbs to treat my condition?
    • My experience with taking herbs alone when dealing with Graves’ disease
    • What I’ve seen with clients who have used herbs alone and those who have used medication
    • How to use testing to monitor the effectiveness of your herbal protocol


  • Q3: What is the best way to figure out how to make thyroid-stimulating antibodies drop? Is there a hierarchy of things to do first?
    • Why I recommend starting with diet and lifestyle
    • The tests I prefer to start my clients with and the factors to consider


  • Q4: What can be used naturally to reduce a hyperthyroidism goiter?
    • Why goiters occur and why you have to take a broader approach to resolving the issue


  • Q5: I’ve just relapsed after 11 months of being medication-free and radically altering my diet. Before that, I was on medication for ten years. My endocrinologist is adamant that I need to have radioactive iodine treatment, which I have no intention of having. I’m 50 years old; could my relapse be due to the onset of menopause? If so, what natural remedies can I take to help?


  • Q6: What kind of exercise is okay for someone with Graves’ disease? My heart rate gets very high sometimes when working out, so I don’t know what’s best.





  • Q10: I’m curious about the effects of Thytrophin PMG® on Graves’ disease hyperthyroidism. My nutritionist keeps suggesting it, but my hyperthyroidism six months into diagnosis has turned hypo as the doctor, and I now have begun reducing the methimazole.
    • How Thytrophin PMG® works as a decoy for autoimmune conditions
    • Testing you can use to help determine if it would be valuable for you
    • Why Thytrophin PMG® is often more helpful for Hashimoto’s than Graves’



  • Q12: Which potent remedy would you prescribe for hyperthyroidism patients to provide immediate relief of acute insomnia and palpitations, pending access to hyperthyroidism treatment?
    • Natural remedies that can provide relief for acute insomnia and palpitations
    • Addressing the root cause of the hyperthyroidism is essential


As always, I hope you found this episode valuable, and I look forward to catching you in the next episode!


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