Podcast - Why Thyroid Healing Roadblocks Are Common


Why Thyroid Healing Roadblocks Are Common

Hitting roadblocks on your thyroid healing journey is very common. Even so, it’s discouraging to feel like you’re doing everything right but not seeing the expected results.

Over the years, I’ve seen six main issues come up time and time again that cause people to hit these roadblocks. Today’s episode is for anyone with a thyroid condition who chooses to take a natural treatment approach.

I’m discussing why it seems these healing roadblocks are becoming more common and some of the things you can do to move past them.

During this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Why I’m doing an episode on thyroid healing roadblocks
  • Issue #1: Diet
    • Many people are not strict enough with their diet
    • The number one priority is eating whole, healthy foods
  • Issue #2: Adrenal Health
    • The many problems caused by chronic stress
    • How to start an achievable and effective stress management routine
    • To have healthy sex hormones, you need to have healthy adrenals
    • What you can do to improve the health of your vagus nerve
    • Prioritize getting sufficient sleep
  • Issue #3: Unidentified Triggers
    • The triad of autoimmunity: genetics, environmental triggers, and leaky gut
    • How to identify all your triggers
    • It’s common to have multiple triggers
    • The difficulty with testing for certain hidden triggers
  • Issue #4: Continued Exposure to Triggers
    • Accidental cross-contamination can cause issues
    • Sometimes multiple rounds are necessary to eradicate infections
  • Issue #5: Gut Health
    • You can’t have a healthy immune system if you don’t have a healthy gut
    • How to know if you have leaky gut or intestinal dysbiosis
    • Signs that leaky gut has been healed
  • Issue #6: Overlooked Roadblocks
    • Electromagnetic fields (EMFs)/electronic pollution and chronic conditions
    • Less common factors that can act as hidden triggers


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