Episode - Why Those With Thyroid Conditions Should Care About Progesterone

Save My Thyroid Project
Save My Thyroid Project
Why Those With Thyroid Conditions Should Care About Progesterone

“All of our hormones are like a symphony.” – Dr. Betty Murray

With our increasingly toxic environment and higher baseline stress levels, our bodies, especially the pituitary and hypothalamus, are dealing with so much more than 50 years ago. Although Western medicine often parses individual hormones as the domain of different specialists, all of our hormones work together, so any treatment plan has to consider these connections. Jumping straight to thyroid medication or hormone replacement alone doesn’t address the underlying issues.

Today, I’m excited to be joined by Dr. Betty Murray, a nutrition expert, Ph.D. researcher, certified functional medicine practitioner, and speaker who has dedicated her career to helping women over 40 harness their hormones to lose weight, optimize sleep, restore energy, and thrive.

In this episode, we dive deep into the world of hormones, discussing everything from progesterone and its role in women's health to postpartum thyroiditis. Betty shares her expertise on how hormone and metabolic imbalances can impact women's health, particularly during menopause, and offers practical tips for restoring balance and improving overall health. Betty also shares her menopause journey and how her research led her to develop a unique approach to hormone health. Enjoy the episode!

To learn more, visit the show notes at https://savemythyroid.com/podcast/why-those-with-thyroid-conditions-should-care-about-progesterone-103/.

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