Episode - The Single Trigger That Caused Josie Warren’s 8 Autoimmune Conditions


The Single Trigger That Caused Josie Warren’s 8 Autoimmune Conditions

While there are many contributing factors to autoimmune disorders, from environmental toxins to stress and genetics, some factors play an undeniably larger role in their development.

Today’s guest, Josie Warren, believes that when you learn how to handle your stress, your body will heal itself. Josie is an autoimmune expert who used to have Graves’ disease, Hashimoto’s, and seven other autoimmune disorders, which she’s completely resolved. She now takes people down the same path of healing she has traveled.

Josie is on a mission to give hope to those suffering from autoimmune disorders. Her framework centers around helping people to shift their bodies from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic by learning how to deal with life stressors. After working with many girls and women ages 8 to 74, Josie advocates for helping your body self-repair by eliminating chronic stress.

In this conversation, Josie shares her story of overcoming multiple autoimmune conditions by making a single change in her lifestyle. We also discuss why you shouldn’t feel defeated by your genetics, the common root cause of all of Josie’s autoimmune conditions, why Josie doesn’t recommend restrictive diets, her top tips for managing and eliminating stress, and more. I’ll also share my take on cure versus remission and why I take a certain approach to diet and stress management. Enjoy the episode!


During this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Josie’s journey from dealing with eight autoimmune disorders by age 28 to become an autoimmune expert helping others to heal
  • We are not a prisoner to our genetics or a family history of autoimmune conditions
  • Identifying the commonality between different autoimmune conditions
  • The problem with the conventional approach of going to multiple doctors for multiple conditions
  • Josie’s surprising experience of healing without a special diet
  • Reintroducing sensitive foods after healing
  • Why Josie points to stress as the singular root cause of autoimmune conditions
  • Getting proactive about stress management
  • Josie’s top three tips for reducing and eliminating stress
  • Permanent resolution of a disorder versus remission
  • Markers that you’re no longer dealing with an autoimmune disorder
  • How Josie maintains her state of wellness
  • Keeping your body in a parasympathetic state
  • In a sympathetic state, your digestive system is compromised
  • My approach to daily stress management
  • Considering the potential for and contributors to relapse


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