Episode - The Relationship Between the Lymphatics and Thyroid Health with Kelly Kennedy


The Relationship Between the Lymphatics and Thyroid Health with Kelly Kennedy

“Your detox is only as good as your drainage.” – Kelly Kennedy

The body is designed to deal with environmental attacks from things like bacteria, mold, and viruses. The problem is that all the exposures from modern-day life damage these systems and prevent them from working efficiently.

To deal with this, many practitioners emphasize detoxifying the liver. Unfortunately, the detox techniques will not work as intended without good drainage via the lymphatic system. The good news is once you start moving the lymph, your detox efforts will improve, and your body will move differently.

Today, I’m super excited to have a comprehensive discussion with Kelly Kennedy about the lymphatic system. This is the first time I’ve covered this topic in this much detail, and it was a fascinating conversation. Kelly’s mission is to teach you how your body works and help you recognize that you have the best physician and pharmacist inside you. You just need to learn how to support yourself.

In this conversation, Kelly and I talk about the importance of the lymphatic system for overall health, how she became the Lymph Queen, her journey from skepticism to belief in the power of energy healing, the need for lymphatic stimulation to detoxify the body, techniques to achieve this, and more. Enjoy the episode!


About Kelly Kennedy

Kelly Kennedy’s career in medicine started with a more allopathic approach but changed after experiencing several traumatic events that made her realize that good health is more than just taking medications and undergoing surgeries. For the last 26 years, Kelly has dedicated her life to uncovering answers to healing through alternative therapies, including Bio-Regulatory Medicine, energy, and bodywork. Kelly is commonly referred to as the “lymph queen” and is passionate about spreading the importance and impact that one’s lymphatic system, fascia, energy, and emotions have on whole-body health. She resides in Pennsylvania with her husband Ian and son Silas, seeing clients at their clinic, The True Wellness Center,. You can also find her talking with experts in the field on her podcast “FLOWE” (which stands for fascia, lymph, oxygen, water, and energy), or on social media.


During this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Kelly’s background and how she became passionate about the lymphatic system and its impact on whole body health
  • Learning about bioregulatory medicine and facilitating your body’s ability to heal
  • How facilitating the lymphatics can transform people’s health
  • How Kelly’s approach has evolved over 18 years of clinical practice
  • The importance of addressing the lymphatic terrain for optimal organ function
  • Kelly’s refusal to accept the lifetime of pain diagnosed by conventional medicine and her decision to explore various alternative therapies
  • The science behind energetic healing
  • The significance of the lymphatic system and the lack of knowledge about it in the medical community
  • Common symptoms of stagnant lymph and how it develops
  • How to stimulate the lymphatic system, including specific points and techniques to promote lymphatic drainage
  • Working the lymph in a deeper way
  • Recognizing that true wellness is a reflection of your body’s capacity to deal with whatever it’s presented with
  • The benefits of starting lymphatic work at home and when to see a properly trained practitioner
  • How addressing lymphatic health can help to counteract the effects of the toxic modern world
  • Different methods for supporting lymphatics


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