Episode - The Gut-Mold-Thyroid Connection with Evan Brand


The Gut-Mold-Thyroid Connection with Evan Brand

“I think mold toxicity is the biggest epidemic facing the country, if not the world right now.” – Evan Brand

The average person in the modern world spends most of their time indoors. So much has changed in the past 200 years about the material we use for our homes and the way we build, and many of these changes make us more prone to mold issues. As a result, a shocking number of us are walking around fatigued, obese, and anxious or thinking that mental illness runs in our families when, in truth, mold is a multigenerational problem.

Today, I’m super excited to be joined by Evan Brand to talk about the mold-gut-thyroid connection. Evan is board-certified in Holistic Nutrition and is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and has transformed the lives of thousands of clients with his online practice by finding and fixing the root causes of fatigue, depression, anxiety, digestive, and other issues. He solved his health struggles using the same advanced lab testing strategies and protocols he now uses in the clinic. Evan offers at-home functional medicine training courses through his Functional Academy of Medicine and Epigenetics (FAME™) on gut, mold, and energy issues.

In this conversation, Evan and I discuss his experience with mold toxicity, how long it really takes to recover, the connection between mold, gut health, and the thyroid, recommendations for mold testing and remediation, why it’s essential to address the sources of mold exposure, the use of binders and glutathione to support detoxification, and more. Enjoy the episode!


During this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Evan’s background and why he started his top podcast
  • The long-term effects of Evan’s mold exposure
  • Case study of a three-year-old boy suffering from mold toxicity
  • Setting realistic expectations for a mold toxicity recovery timeline
  • Managing the challenges that come from not being able to remediate your living environment
  • Evan’s recommendations for mold testing
  • Understanding the disconnect between home test results and mycotoxin test results
  • Treating mold in children
  • The distinction between being colonized by mold and being a mycotoxin reservoir
  • Benefits of using binders on a long-term basis
  • The shocking number of people experiencing a mold problem
  • Exploring the mold-gut-thyroid connection
  • Pros and cons of using cholestyramine
  • Next steps to explore if you think you might have an issue with mold
  • The connection between mold toxicity and several mental and physical health issues
  • How you can learn more and empower yourself when it comes to your health


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