Episode - The Biochemistry of Injury and Holistic Healing by Dr. Christine Smith


The Biochemistry of Injury and Holistic Healing by Dr. Christine Smith

“Getting your mental game corrected is just as important as any medication.” – Dr. Christine Smith

Our thoughts, emotions, and energy can significantly influence our body’s response to injuries. Unfortunately, it’s easy to neglect our biochemical and mental injuries while focusing on the often more apparent physical injury. The thyroid, especially, is a very sensitive organ, and when we experience thyroid issues, it’s a signal to look deeper at what is triggering these symptoms.

A holistic approach addressing all three aspects is crucial in healing and preventing disease. Reducing environmental toxins, addressing mental and emotional health, and addressing lifestyle factors like diet creates a biochemical shift that puts the body in an optimized state for healing.

Today, I’m joined by Dr. Christine Smith to explore the biochemistry of injury and how this relates to thyroid health. We discuss the interconnectedness of physical, biochemical, and mental injuries, the necessity of a holistic recovery strategy, the power of tuning the nervous system, the significance of dietary and lifestyle changes, the transformative potential of mind-body medicine, and more. Enjoy the episode!


About Dr. Christine Smith

Dr. Christine Smith has focused her work on seeing the whole person through personalized, integrative healthcare and regularly works with other trusted providers to create holistic care plans. Her path has included many experiences outside the straight academic path, leading her to where she is today.

As a Functional Medicine Practitioner and Doctor of Chiropractic with a background in Cognitive Neuroscience, she specializes in Holistic Injury Recovery and Health Optimization to help active people come back stronger, uncover hidden injuries, and prevent re-injury. She does this by teaching clients to address hidden organ injuries early to prevent disease, how to use recovery time as a gift to restructure lifestyle priorities, and to learn to work with their body versus against it through education rather than medication.


During this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Three types of injuries and their impact on health
  • The connection between mind-body health, injury recovery, and holistic optimization
  • Mental injuries, their biochemical effects, and the importance of addressing mental stressors
  • Understanding the body’s response to different types of injuries
  • How inflammation is linked to physical, mental, and biochemical injuries
  • The role of inflammation in chronic health conditions
  • Creating a safe and healing state for the body through meditation
    The profound influence of the subconscious mind on physical health
  • The identity crisis that accompanies physical health challenges
  • Dr. Christine’s approach to functional medicine testing, including lab tests and muscle testing
  • PSYCH-K® as a method for reprogramming the subconscious mind
  • Integrating different healing modalities for comprehensive, holistic treatment
  • Why Dr. Christine decided to go to Chiropractic School
  • The accuracy of muscle testing supplements
  • Accepting your body as a friend to be supported
  • Why we need to make time for self-exploration to understand the body
  • Reprogramming the subconscious mind


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