Episode - The 3 Core Body Systems to Help Reverse Graves’ Disease and Hashimoto’s with Stephanie Grosvenor


The 3 Core Body Systems to Help Reverse Graves’ Disease and Hashimoto’s with Stephanie Grosvenor

“You can’t have a symptom or a diagnosis, whether it’s chronic or autoimmune, without having an imbalance in one, two, or three of these core systems.” – Stephanie Grosvenor

When we’re working towards optimal health, there are three core systems we need to focus on: the detoxification system, gut and digestive system, and immune system. While they are three different systems, they’re very closely linked – when one is affected, there are knock-on effects on the other two.

The good news is that once we start to heal one of these systems, you’ll also see improvements in the other two.

Today, I’m very excited to be joined by Stephanie Grosvenor, a holistic nutritionist and functional medicine Health Coach specializing in simplifying health for you so that you not only live a life that improves the way you look, live, feel, and age but one that you are excited to wake up to and live, every day.

In this conversation, Stephanie and I discuss her health journey, the three core body systems that can help reverse thyroid autoimmunity, why you need realistic expectations in the healing process, how you can support and rebalance these systems, the role of stress management, sleep, and nutrient deficiencies in thyroid health, and more. Enjoy the episode!


During this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Stephanie’s health journey, severe health issues, and her discovery of functional medicine
  • The considerable role diet plays in the healing process
  • Recognizing that healing from a chronic health condition takes time and dedication
  • The importance of realistic expectations on your healing journey
  • The three core systems for reversing thyroid autoimmunity: detoxification system, gut and digestive system, and immune system and inflammation
  • Why our modern lifestyle means our detox systems require more support
  • How to start cleaning up your environment and supporting your detox system
  • What you need to know about eating cruciferous vegetables
  • Pros and cons of different detoxification practices
  • The importance of looking at gut health when treating thyroid conditions
  • Understanding leaky gut and its relationship to thyroid conditions
  • Supporting gut health through diet and supplementation
  • Why it’s essential to start with testing
  • Stephanie’s approach and recommendations for testing
  • How diet can help decrease inflammation levels in the body
  • The detrimental effects of gluten on the thyroid
  • The need for making sustainable changes
  • Sleep and stress management for optimizing immune system health
  • Three different kinds of stress and their impact on the body
  • Common nutritional deficiencies that can compromise thyroid function


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