Episode - Testosterone and Thyroid Health with Dr. Deb Matthew


Testosterone and Thyroid Health with Dr. Deb Matthew

“Living well is the best medicine.” – Dr. Deb Matthew

Testosterone is crucial in both men and women for physical health, sexual function, mood, motivation, and more.

Many people who feel “off” or “not like themselves” may be experiencing a testosterone imbalance but may be misdiagnosed with depression and prescribed medication that does not address the root cause.

Today I’m joined by Dr. Deb Matthew to explore the importance of testosterone in our bodies, not just for sexual health but for overall physical and mental well-being. Dr. Deb Matthew is known as the Happy Hormones Doctor, and she’s a best-selling author, international speaker, educator, wife, and mom of four boys. After suffering for years from fatigue and irritability due to hormone imbalances, her quest to resolve for personal health led her to change everything about her practice of medicine.

In this conversation, Dr. Deb and I discuss why testosterone is vital, the common reasons for testosterone deficiencies and why it may be elevated, the connection between testosterone levels and thyroid health, the impact of environmental toxins, and more. Enjoy the episode!


About Dr. Deb Matthew

Deb Matthew MD, America’s Happy Hormones Doctor, is a best-selling author, international speaker, private practice doctor, wife, and mom of four boys. She helps her patients restore their health by addressing the root cause of their symptoms instead of just treating diseases with drugs.

Dr. Deb was inspired when she experienced a life-changing transformation after years of suffering from exhaustion and irritability from hormone imbalances that prevented her from being the wife and mother that she wanted to be.

She is on a mission to spread the message that having balanced hormones can help you to love the way you feel, and that living WELL is the best medicine. As a media contributor she has been featured in magazines, podcasts, national radio shows and TV appearances on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and FOX.


During this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Dr. Deb made the career pivot to focus on hormones
  • Understanding the different sex hormones
  • The essential roles of testosterone for both men and women
  • Common symptoms of low testosterone in women
  • Signs of high testosterone in women
  • Why many women with PCOS are misdiagnosed
  • The connection between insulin problems and testosterone imbalance
  • How stress can contribute to high testosterone
  • Contributing factors to low testosterone
  • Hyperthyroidism can increase sex hormone binding globulin
  • Many environmental toxins are hormone disrupters
  • What you need to know about testosterone testing
  • What Dr. Deb looks for in testing ranges for men and women
  • How Dr. Deb decides which type of testing to use
  • Diet and lifestyle changes that can help to improve testosterone levels
  • Key considerations for hormone replacement
  • The value of using a functional medicine approach
  • Healing insulin resistance is not just about changing your diet


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