Episode - Skin Conditions and Thyroid Health with Dr. Julie Greenberg


Skin Conditions and Thyroid Health with Dr. Julie Greenberg

The skin is a very complex organ. It’s large, outward-facing, and has to balance being soft and supple and allowing for excretion while protecting and keeping most things in.

Unfortunately, our modern Western hygiene habits are often misaligned with how our skin is meant to be taken care of. With constant washing and harsh soaps and skin products, it’s no wonder so many people are dealing with skin conditions.

Today I’m joined by Dr. Julie Greenberg, a licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and Registered Herbalist RH(AHG) specializing in integrative dermatology. Dr. Greenberg is the founder of the Center for Integrative & Naturopathic Dermatology, a holistic clinic that approaches skin and hair problems by finding and treating the root cause. She holds degrees from Northwestern University, Stanford University, and Bastyr University and lectures at naturopathic medical schools, and is sought after to speak at conferences across the United States on the topics of hair, skin, and nails.

A Hashimoto’s diagnosis changed the trajectory of Dr. Greenberg’s career and led her down the path of naturopathy. In this conversation, we discuss the connection between thyroid health and skin, why fiber is so important, diet and lifestyle recommendations for healthy skin, the gut-skin connection, and more.


During this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Naturopathic doctors focus on treating the whole person
  • How Dr. Greenberg’s thyroid put her on the path to specializing in dermatology
  • Women use around 125 different chemicals on their bodies a day through personal care products
  • pH is extremely important when it comes to our skin
  • Our Western hygiene protocols are compromising our skin
  • Read your skincare product labels the same way you do for food
  • How to restore your skin after washing
  • Gut microbiome dysbiosis and skin issues
  • The two tests Dr. Greenberg uses for every patient
  • Most of the healthy organisms in the gut need a lot of fiber
  • Variety is essential for a healthy gut microbiome
  • A low-sugar diet helps you to maintain healthy and younger-looking skin
  • Research has shown the benefits of short-term supplementation with collagen
  • How the rainbow game can help you build diversity into your diet
  • Dr. Greenberg’s approach to probiotics as a part of a comprehensive protocol
  • H. pylori and its connection with different skin conditions
  • Using herbal anti-microbials
  • Why Dr. Greenberg doesn’t focus primarily on skin supplements
  • How to find clean skincare products
  • The potential problems with dairy and gluten
  • What you can do to start improving your skin health


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