Podcast - Overcoming Thyroid Eye Disease


Many people with Graves’ disease also have thyroid eye disease, and can experience symptoms such as eye swelling, bulging, and double vision.  In severe cases of thyroid eye disease conventional treatment methods might be necessary, but in many cases a natural treatment approach can be beneficial.  In this episode I will discuss both conventional and natural treatment options, and so if you have thyroid eye disease you definitely will want to listen to this episode!

During this episode you’ll learn:

  • The different stages of thyroid eye disease, and when surgery is usually the only option
  • Some of the main risk factors for developing thyroid eye disease
  • The different tests that are usually conducted when someone has thyroid eye disease
  • Non-invasive conventional medical treatments
  • When surgery is indicated
  • Are there risks of receiving radioactive iodine when someone has thyroid eye disease
  • Potential triggers of thyroid eye disease
  • Diet and lifestyle factors to consider when dealing with thyroid eye disease
  • Nutritional supplements that can benefit some people with thyroid eye disease

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