Episode - Overcoming Complex Health Issues with Dr. Jill Carnahan


Overcoming Complex Health Issues with Dr. Jill Carnahan

Dr. Jill Carnahan’s story is nothing short of inspiring. From early exposures to toxins from pesticides to extended antibiotic use and a poorly planned vegetarian diet, Dr. Jill found herself struggling with her health in her 20s. At 25, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and then later with Crohn’s disease.

Despite having all three components of the triad of autoimmunity from a young age – genetic predisposition, environmental toxin exposure, and intestinal permeability – Dr. Jill was able to reverse her Crohn’s disease and the health challenges that plagued her earlier years. Her journey is a testament to resilience and the power of integrative medicine.

Today, she joins me to talk about her experiences overcoming numerous complex health issues, which is what her excellent book, Unexpected, is all about. We discuss how her views on health and integrative medicine developed, the role of diet, environmental toxins, and gut health in autoimmune diseases, practical tips for reducing your toxic burden, what you need to know about mold exposure, what proactive health management looks like, and more. Enjoy the episode!


About Dr. Jill Carnahan

Dr. Jill Carnahan, MD.,is a board-certified Integrative Holistic Medicine specialist, known as Your Functional Medicine Expert® and often referred to as the “Sherlock Holmes of Medicine,” for solving the case of the most well-known medical mysteries. Utilizing state-of-the-art lab testing and biochemical analysis, she helps each patient identify the root cause of their illness by identifying nutritional or metabolic imbalances that may be contributing to their symptoms. Dr. Jill uses nutritional protocols and supplements, lifestyle changes, and medication to increase patient level of function and always seeks the gentlest and least invasive way to restore health and optimize healing. She has also sustained a 5+ year waiting list as the Medical Director of Flat-iron Functional Medicine, a widely sought-after practice. As a survivor of breast cancer, Crohn’s disease, and toxic mold illness, Dr. Jill brings a unique perspective to treating a variety of complex and chronic illnesses and has traveled the world sharing her knowledge of hope, health and healing live on stage as well as through newsletters, articles, books, podcasts, and social media. Her memoir, Unexpected, is out now.


During this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • How your childhood exposures and current lifestyle can contribute to chronic illnesses or future diseases
  • Dr. Jill’s transition into an unbalanced vegetarian diet as a young teenager
  • The perfect storm of nutrition, genetic, and environmental factors that led to Dr. Jill’s Crohn’s disease diagnosis
  • Recognizing the importance of making dietary changes to optimize your health
  • Dr. Jill’s approach to testing around celiac disease
  • How gluten impacts gut permeability and its potential role in exacerbating autoimmune conditions
  • Why Dr. Jill follows a strict dietary regimen, including being grain-free and dairy-free
  • The significance of anti-Saccharomyces antibodies in Crohn’s disease and the underlying fungal component in patients
  • The insidious nature of mold and its association with chronic illness and cognitive decline
  • What you need to know about water filtration
  • Dangers of super molds and their impact on various bodily systems
  • Simple steps to reduce your toxic burden


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