Episode - Optimizing Your Adrenals with Dr. Erin Kinney


Optimizing Your Adrenals with Dr. Erin Kinney

There are four major players in the endocrine system: thyroid hormones, adrenal hormones, sex hormones, and blood sugar metabolism. The first three are in a delicate balance where any movement in one affects the other, which is why many patients with thyroid issues are also experiencing adrenal problems.

Years ago, when I dealt with Graves’ disease, I knew stress could be a factor, but I assumed it wasn’t an issue for me. I felt I was good at handling the stress, so I was confident my adrenals would be fine. After doing testing, I realized that feeling like you’re managing the stress isn’t a sure sign that your adrenals are optimized.

Today, I’m excited to be joined by Naturopathic Doctor, speaker, author, and podcast host Dr. Erin Kinney. Dr. Kinney helps stressed-out patients improve their mood, balance their hormones, and increase their energy. She is incredibly passionate about teaching her patients to understand WHY stress causes so many problems in the body and HOW they can change their response to stress to regain control of their bodies and lives.

In this conversation, Dr. Kinney and I discuss her health journey and expertise in managing stress and adrenal health, the physiological process of our stress responses, the role of cortisol, the impact of chronic stress, testing for adrenal health, the connection between adrenal and thyroid problems, and the importance of diet, exercise, and stress management, and more. Enjoy the episode!


During this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Dr. Erin’s health journey and how it led her to become a naturopathic doctor specializing in helping patients with adrenal issues
  • The role of the adrenal glands in producing cortisol and adrenaline and how they respond to acute stress
  • How chronic stress can impact adrenal function and lead to various symptoms and health issues
  • Why we don’t want to be stuck in a chronic stress state
  • The roles of cortisol and the effects of chronic stress on cortisol levels
  • Consequences of having too little or too much cortisol in the body
  • The potential connection between cortisol and autoimmune conditions
  • Recommended tests for evaluating adrenal health, including fasting cortisol, DHEA, and testosterone levels
  • The interconnectedness of adrenal and thyroid problems
  • Understanding what a healthy diet looks like for you
  • Monitoring blood sugar levels and how a continuous glucose monitor can help
  • Building in micro-moments of relaxation throughout your day
  • Dr. Erin’s favorite supplements to support your adrenals
  • Stealth infections as potential internal stressors on the body and Dr. Erin’s screening approach
  • Limitations of adrenal testing
  • Considerations about adrenal supplements for people with hyperthyroidism


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