Episode - Increasing Muscle Mass with Dr. Emily Kiberd


Increasing Muscle Mass with Dr. Emily Kiberd

“I want my exercise to be efficient. I want it to be effective.” – Dr. Emily Kiberd

Muscle is essential to help convert thyroid hormones from T4 to T3. Unfortunately, it’s hard to build muscle for many people with thyroid conditions. At the same time, two of the biggest struggles for those dealing with hypothyroidism are chronic fatigue and losing weight.

Feeding the muscle tissue with resistance training is often the best bet to tackle these issues since the more muscle we have, the more calories we burn at rest. Despite the cultural mindset of running and restricting fat intake, doing consistent resistance training and consuming enough protein can make a substantial positive difference to your health.

To explore this topic further, I’m joined by Dr. Emily Kiberd today. Dr. Emily is a chiropractor, mama to Elvis and Brooklyn, and the creator of Thyroid Strong, the only doctor-designed exercise program for women with Hashimoto’s to learn to work out without burnout. She has been featured in Vogue, Women’s Health, Self magazine, and Fortune for her expertise in strength training, injury prevention, and ergonomics.

In this conversation, Dr. Emily and I discuss the importance of exercise for individuals with thyroid conditions, her journey into helping people with muscle mass and exercise, the benefits of resistance training, recommendations for protein intake, the importance of proper form and technique, how to find the right exercise program for you, and more. Enjoy the episode!


During this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Dr. Emily’s journey from being a chiropractor to focusing on muscle mass and exercise
  • How Dr. Emily’s experience with Hashimoto’s led to the creation of Thyroid Strong
  • Recommendations for efficient and effective exercises for individuals with Hashimoto’s
  • Benefits of resistance training for weight loss and changing body composition
  • Feeding muscle tissue for weight loss rather than focusing on losing fat
  • Figuring out the best exercise frequency and rest intervals for you
  • Dr. Emily’s recommendations for protein intake, especially for women
  • Primary sources of animal and plant-based protein and alternatives you can supplement with
  • Advantages of using kettlebells
  • Why proper form and technique are essential, and why the margin of error is different for different types of equipment
  • Determining the number of sets and repetitions
  • Understanding fatigue and muscle hypertrophy
  • The benefits of doing a program with progressive overload
  • What you need to know about hypermobility and autoimmunity
  • How you can get started without feeling overwhelmed
  • Dr. Emily’s resources


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