Episode - How Can Postpartum Thyroiditis Be Managed and Prevented?


How Can Postpartum Thyroiditis Be Managed and Prevented?

Postpartum thyroiditis is a condition that affects many women where the thyroid becomes inflamed after giving birth.

In many cases, this is a type of subclinical Hashimotos, and the antibodies were already present before pregnancy. Then the hormone changes and radical shifts in the body during pregnancy create an opportunity ripe for developing thyroiditis in the postpartum period.

Today I’m joined by Betty Murray to discuss what postpartum thyroiditis is, preventative measures you can put in place, and how to manage the symptoms.


During this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What postpartum thyroiditis is why it happens
  • How common is postpartum thyroiditis?
  • Strategies for managing the symptoms of postpartum thyroiditis
  • The importance of testing for thyroid antibodies and looking at optimal ranges rather than lab ranges
  • What research studies show about selenium supplementation and postpartum thyroiditis
  • What you need to know about the risk of selenium toxicity


As always, I hope you found this episode valuable, and I look forward to catching you in the next episode!


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