Episode - Holistic Fertility Tips with Dr. Aumatma Simmons


Holistic Fertility Tips with Dr. Aumatma Simmons

Fertility issues are on the rise. The latest numbers are showing 1 in 5 to 6 women between 18 and 35 struggling with fertility and sperm health on a steady decline. Several factors are driving this change, from increased exposure to environmental toxins to chronic stress levels that are at an all-time high. When our bodies are under stress, they shift into survival mode and that’s a tough place to conceive from.

For those of us with thyroid issues, there’s another layer to consider – the thyroid has a direct correlation with your fertility. Thyroid imbalances can cause many issues, from getting pregnant to having difficulty sustaining a pregnancy, even for those who may not have a problem with conceiving.

Every couple is unique and a holistic approach to fertility requires an individualized approach. Today’s guest, naturopathic doctor and endocrinologist Dr. Aumatma Simmons joins me to share her insights into holistic fertility from over ten years of specialization.

In this conversation, Dr. Aumatma and I discuss her journey into fertility specialization, the complex factors affecting fertility, why comprehensive testing is essential, why both partners must be a part of the fertility preparation process, advanced testing methods she recommends, how thyroid imbalances impact fertility, management of thyroid conditions during pregnancy, and more. Enjoy the episode!


About Dr. Aumatma Simmons

Dr. Aumatma is a double board-certified Naturopathic Doctor & Endocrinologist, in practice for close to 15 years. She specializes in fertility and is the best-selling author of two books: “Fertility Secrets: What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About Baby-Making” and “(In)Fertility: Struggles, Secrets, & Successes” Dr. Aumatma was awarded the “Best Naturopathic Medicine Doctor″ award locally in 2015 & 2020 and recognized as a top “Women In Medicine” Doctor in 2020 & 2021. Dr. Aumatma is also the Creator of Fertile Foundations™ supplements, a line of research-driven nutrients to support your fertility journey and the Host of the Egg Meets Sperm podcast.

In addition to supporting couples through individualized care in person and long distance, Dr. Aumatma also trains practitioners who want to specialize in fertility. She has been featured as the holistic fertility expert on ABC, FOX, CBS, KTLA, MindBodyGreen, The Bump, etc., along with being interviewed for countless podcasts on topics of fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum health.


During this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • How Dr. Aumatma’s fertility journey led to her transitioning her practice into specializing in fertility
  • Factors contributing to the increasing number of people experiencing fertility issues
  • Why it’s crucial to work with both partners in fertility treatment
  • How men’s health overall can impact the fertility journey
  • Dr. Aumatma’s comprehensive approach to testing
  • Helping your body to become more stress-resilient
  • Developing a personalized and targeted protocol for shifting your body from survival into creation mode
  • Understanding the impact of stress on fertility optimization.
  • The prevalence of thyroid imbalances in people experiencing fertility issues
  • Why it’s crucial to monitor thyroid levels throughout the entire pregnancy
  • The connection between thyroid autoimmunity and pregnancy loss
  • How non-autoimmune thyroid conditions tend to impact fertility
  • Managing thyroid antibodies before trying to conceive
  • Why Dr. Aumatma might recommend low-dose naltrexone during pregnancy
  • Optimal thyroid hormone levels pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy
  • Foundational supplements for fertility and pregnancy and Dr. Aumatma’s individualized supplement approach


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