Podcast - Glutathione and Thyroid Autoimmunity


Glutathione and Thyroid Autoimmunity

Glutathione plays an essential role in detoxification and maintaining healthy mitochondria.

As the master antioxidant, it’s vital for those of us with thyroid autoimmunity, which is characterized by an increase in oxidative stress.

Unfortunately, numerous lifestyle and environmental factors cause glutathione to be depleted.

Today I’m discussing the role of glutathione in your body, why it’s recommended for people with thyroid autoimmunity, environmental toxins and toxicants removed by glutathione, testing for glutathione, how to increase glutathione, and more.


During this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • The role of glutathione in your body
  • Factors that deplete glutathione
  • Why glutathione is often recommended for people with thyroid autoimmunity
  • What research shows about glutathione in thyroid eye disease patients
  • How selenium can benefit people with Graves’ disease, thyroid eye disease, and Hashimoto’s
  • Environmental toxins and toxicants removed by glutathione
  • Testing for glutathione
  • Functional reference ranges for indirect markers of glutathione
  • How to increase glutathione through your diet and lifestyle
  • Supplements that increase glutathione


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