Podcast - Elevated Liver Enzymes and Hyperthyroidism


It’s common for people with hyperthyroidism to have elevated liver markers. The reason why elevated liver markers are a concern is because this indicates that liver damage is taking place.  In this episode I will discuss why these markers are commonly elevated in those with hyperthyroidism, and I’ll also talk about the different options you have.

During this episode you’ll learn:

  • When you should be concerned about elevated liver enzymes
  • Some basics about liver enzymes, including factors that can cause them to be elevated
  • The three main enzymes that commonly increase during hyperthyroidism
  • Why an elevated alkaline phosphatase doesn’t always indicate problems with the liver
  • Two common causes of elevated liver enzymes in those with hyperthyroidism, along with a few other potential causes
  • Why the liver enzymes need to be tested whenever someone takes antithyroid medication
  • 3 options you have to address elevated liver enzymes

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