Episode - Electronic Pollution and Thyroid Health with Lloyd Burrell Part 2


Electronic Pollution and Thyroid Health with Lloyd Burrell Part 2

EMF exposure has a cumulative effect. Just because you’re okay today doesn’t mean you’ll be okay tomorrow. Now is the time to start taking small actions to minimize your exposure.

But taking the first steps with EMF protection can feel overwhelming, so how can you get started without feeling overwhelmed?

In this second part of my interview with Lloyd, he shares how you can use his U.M.M. framework to reduce your stress and approach EMF protection in a simpler way, tips for reducing your exposure, which aspects of protection provide the most significant return, everything you need to know about smart meters, and more on how EMFs affect our thyroid health.

Before listening to the interview, we must remember that we won’t be perfect at this. Just take it slowly and prioritize the things that will make the most difference (like reducing nighttime exposure). As Lloyd mentions in this conversation, it’s not just the presence of EMFs but their combination with other factors, especially environmental toxins, that we need to consider. I hope this inspires you to take action to reduce your exposure to EMFs. You might not notice any immediate changes in how you feel, but I really think doing so will benefit your health. Enjoy the episode!


During this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Why should shielding be considered a last resort
  • How you can use Lloyd’s U.M.M. (understand, measure, mitigate) protocol to manage EMF exposure and protection without overwhelm
  • Figuring out which type of EMFs are being emitted by your smart meter
  • EMFs have a synergistic effect with other environmental toxins
  • Why it’s worth reducing EMF exposure wherever you can
  • It takes effort to implement these protective steps, but it’s a choice to prioritize your health
  • EMF exposures at night inhibit our ability to produce melatonin
  • The numerous benefits of earthing and how you can get started
  • What you need to know about blue light
  • EMF exposures have a cumulative effect


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