Episode - Common Causes of Fatigue in Hyperthyroidism


Common Causes of Fatigue in Hyperthyroidism

Many people associate low thyroid hormone levels with low energy levels.

When I dealt with Graves’ Disease over ten years ago, I didn’t experience fatigue. If anything, my energy levels were maybe a little bit high. On the surface, it seems logical that if someone has hyperthyroidism, they have an increased metabolism and more energy. Still, in truth, a lot of people with hyperthyroidism have low energy levels for various reasons.

Today, I’m sharing the most common reasons people with high thyroid hormone levels can experience fatigue.


During this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • #1: Anti-thyroid medication
    • Sometimes, this can lower thyroid hormone levels to the point of hypothyroidism
  • #2: Mitochondrial dysfunction
    • Elevated thyroid hormones put a lot of stress on the mitochondria
    • High levels of stress can lead to oxidative dysfunction
  • #3: Adrenal imbalances
    • Low cortisol or DHEA levels can result in low energy levels
  • #4: Insufficient sleep
    • Even one or two nights of insufficient sleep can cause lower energy levels
  • #5: Nutrient deficiencies
    • You need to explore why you are deficient in the first place
  • #6: Stealth infections
    • Common infections to be aware of
    • Why you can’t rely on symptoms alone to identify whether you have an infection
  • #7: Toxic mold
    • It can be challenging to detect a mold issue


As always, I hope you found this episode valuable, and I look forward to catching you in the next episode!


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