Episode - Can Fasting Benefit Thyroid Health with Dr. David Jockers


Can Fasting Benefit Thyroid Health with Dr. David Jockers

“A fasting lifestyle is a part of a healthy lifestyle.” – Dr. David Jockers

Most people can benefit from some level of intermittent fasting in their lives. There are seasons where it might not serve you to fast for long windows, but, like exercise, intermittent fasting should be a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle.

This lifestyle focuses not on weight loss or restricting calories but on time-restricted feeding, where you’re consuming all your calories within a specific time window.

Today, I’m joined by Dr. David Jockers for a comprehensive chat about fasting and its impact on thyroid health. Dr. Jockers, DNM, DC, MS is a doctor of natural medicine and specializes in functional nutrition and natural health strategies. He is the founder of DrJockers.com, a website designed to empower people with science-based solutions to improve their health. It is considered one of the most well-researched and easy-to-read health websites in the world.

In this conversation, Dr. Jockers and I discuss the benefits of fasting, his personal fasting experiences, the role of intermittent fasting in promoting gut microbiome diversity, its potential to help those with autoimmune thyroid conditions, what can be consumed during a fast, how to gradually incorporate fasting, and more. Enjoy the episode!


During this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • How Dr. Jockers’ approach to his health has evolved over the years
  • Finding intermittent fasting and the role it played in Dr. Jockers’ health and healing
  • Differences between fasting and intermittent fasting
  • The impact of various fasting durations on the body
  • How avoiding sweeteners for an extended period helps to reset your dopamine pathways
  • Dr. Jockers’ typical daily and weekly fasting schedule
  • Benefits of intermittent fasting outside of weight loss
  • How intermittent fasting helps to optimize gut microbiome diversity
  • Why Dr. Jockers advocates for intermittent fasting as a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle
  • Categories of people who may not be suitable candidates for fasting
  • Remembering that it’s crucial to consume adequate protein and healthy fats when fasting
  • How fasting promotes cellular repair, which can help autoimmune conditions
  • The role of fasting in weight management for those who are underweight
  • Intermittent fasting’s impact on inflammation, cognitive function, and spiritual wellbeing
  • Balancing glutamate and GABA
  • How fasting helps to build stress-resilient mitochondria
  • What you’ll learn at Dr. Jockers’ upcoming Fasting & Longevity Summit
  • How to gradually incorporate fasting into your lifestyle


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