Episode - Can a Carnivore Diet Benefit Those with Thyroid Autoimmunity with Dr. Sabrina Solt


Can a Carnivore Diet Benefit Those with Thyroid Autoimmunity with Dr. Sabrina Solt

“Most people don’t eat near enough protein.” – Dr. Sabrina Solt

Although I don’t commonly recommend the carnivore diet to my patients, I’ve heard several success stories regarding autoimmunity. To help us explore this topic, I’m joined by Dr. Sabrina Solt, a naturopathic doctor and follower of the carnivore diet.

With her naturopathic background, it was hard for Dr. Sabrina to accept that plants weren’t the best route for her healing. But after trying the carnivore diet, her chronic health issues finally disappeared, and the results were undeniable.

Dr. Sabrina Solt is a naturopathic doctor located in Scottsdale, AZ. She practices regenerative and anti-aging medicine and uses carnivore and animal-based diets as part of her treatment protocols to heal everything from autoimmune disorders to chronic pain.

In this conversion, Dr. Sabrina and I talk about the fundamentals of the carnivore diet, myths we’ve been told about the necessity of plant-based foods in our diet, why we need to reframe our thoughts on cholesterol and saturated fats, the benefits she’s seen with her patients who have switched to a carnivore diet, and more. As always, after the episode, I share my take on some things we discuss in the interview. Enjoy the episode!


During this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • How Dr. Sabrina’s transition to a carnivore diet massively benefitted her health
  • The fundamentals of a carnivore diet
  • How the carnivore diet compares to other popular diets
  • Why mineral supplementation is critical
  • Breaking the common myths we’ve been told about fiber
  • Essential nutrients are more bioavailable in animal protein versus plant-based protein
  • Key points to note when it comes to meat preparation
  • How the carnivore diet effectively transforms your insulin response
  • The argument for ketosis as our preferred state
  • Why you shouldn’t worry about eating too much meat
  • What you need to know about The Randle Cycle
  • Bringing autoimmune conditions into remission with the carnivore diet
  • Dr. Sabrina’s recommendations for the types of meat to include
  • Addressing concerns about saturated fats and cholesterol
  • Thoughts on organ meats and bone broth
  • Exercising on the carnivore diet
  • Dr. Sabrina’s viral carnivore pizza
  • How you can get started with the carnivore diet
  • Why it might be worth it to reduce oxalates
  • Dr. Eric’s take on fiber, organ meats, supplementation, and pizza


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