Episode - Biological Dentistry and Thyroid Health with Dr. Eric Kempter


Biological Dentistry and Thyroid Health with Dr. Eric Kempter

Oral health is a key indicator of overall health.

Biological dentists recognize the importance of knowing what you’re putting in your mouth, from toothpaste to implants, and looking at things from a 30,000-foot view. Their role is to make sure that your oral health is not contributing negatively to your overall health.

Dr. Eric Kempter is an accredited member of the IAOMT, along with serving as the chair of their Student Scholarship program, which allows students to attend IAOMT meetings at no charge. He is also certified in CEREC restorative treatments, ozone therapy, and member of both the Academy of Laser Dentistry and the American Laser Study Club. Dr. Kempter provides several specialty services at Kempter Holistic Dentistry. He is one of the few lip and tongue tie releases providers in North Carolina and a certified Invisalign provider, ozone treatment provider, and certified Platelet Rich Fibrin provider.

Dr. Kempter has been my dentist for some time, and if anyone is in the Charlotte area looking for a biological dentist, I can’t recommend Kempter Holistic Dentistry enough. In this conversation, we talk about root canals, mercury amalgams, fluoride, implants, the relationship some of these have with thyroid health, and more.


During this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • How Dr. Kempter became interested in holistic dentistry
  • What makes biological dentists different from conventional dentists
  • Why you should work with someone who is an accredited member of the IAOMT
  • The potential problem with root canals
  • Why it’s often healthier to remove an infected tooth
  • The connection between periodontal disease and your cardiovascular health
  • Why Dr. Kempter highly recommends making the time for oil pulling
  • Key considerations when it comes to the toxicity of mercury fillings
  • Mercury amalgam fillings can contribute to thyroid and autoimmune conditions
  • Safety concerns with fluoride
  • How you can protect your teeth without fluoride
  • What you need to know about tooth extractions and cavitations
  • Why many people need to remove their wisdom teeth
  • Tools and therapies used by biological dentists
  • Dr. Kempter’s recommendations for implant material
  • My approach to maintaining healthy teeth and gums


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