Podcast - 7 Steps to Improve Your Thyroid/Immune Health In 2023


7 Steps to Improve Your Thyroid/Immune Health In 2023

When seeking to restore our health, we should always aim to give our bodies the best possible conditions for success.

That means, regardless of your specific diagnosis or the treatment route you choose to follow, certain foundational steps must be in place.

Today I’m discussing the top seven tips (and a bonus one!) you can implement in your life to support your thyroid and immune health. From diet to movement, sleep and supplementation, I’ll be sharing research, best practices, and my recommendations for further reading, tools, techniques, and products you can use starting today.

I hope you’ll learn a lot, and I look forward to catching you in the next episode.


During this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Step #1: Eat Whole Healthy Foods
    • What all the diets I recommend to my patients have in common
    • The recommended approach to including vegetables in your diet
    • Why it’s worth prioritizing organic options and which foods matter the most
    • Eating enough protein is critical
    • The main differences between the AIP diet and the standard Paleo diet
    • How nuts, legumes, and grains impact the gut
    • What to keep in mind when it comes to dark chocolate, coffee
  • Step #2: Always Work On Stress Handling
    • Block out at least 5 minutes per day and then gradually increase
    • The benefits of mind-body medicine
    • Try not to sweat the small stuff
  • Step #3: Always Work On Reducing Your Toxic Load
    • How to become an expert at reading ingredients
    • What you need to know when choosing which water to consume
    • Filtering drinking and non-drinking water
    • How to find low-tox personal care and cleaning products
    • My recommendations for air purification
    • Important considerations for sauna therapy
    • Optimizing your bedroom environment
    • Additional factors to consider if your home is in a toxic location
  • Step #4: Do Everything You Can To Improve The Health of Your Gut Microbiome
    • Focus on eating probiotic foods and supplements
    • Try to eat 15 to 20 different whole-plant foods each week
    • Minimize the use of gut-disrupting drugs like antibiotics
    • How antithyroid medications impact the gut microbiome
    • What you can do to minimize your exposure to glyphosate
  • Step #5: Get Sufficient Sleep
    • Diet plays a big role in sleep quality
    • Strategies you can implement to improve the quality of your sleep
    • How to use blue-blocking glasses appropriately
    • There’s a time and place for herbs and supplementation
  • Step #6: Exercise Regularly and Be Active
    • Who should be cautious about high-intensity exercise
    • Regular movement and exercise are important
    • How you can create an office space that’s conducive to movement
  • Step #7: Keep Your Vitamin D Levels Above 50 ng/mL or 125 nmol/L
    • Vitamin D is important for immune system health, and it has anti-inflammatory effects
    • How to test your vitamin D levels and how frequently to retest
    • Why supplementation can be useful and what dosage you should take
    • You should always take vitamin D with vitamin K2
  • Bonus Step: Keep A Gratitude Journal
    • How to create a routine around a gratitude journal
  • Heart rate variability and how I use HeartMath for stress management
  • Why you might want to limit your use of sunscreen
  • Reducing your environmental toxin exposure in a manageable way


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