HHD Book References and Resources

The Hyperthyroid Healing Diet Book References and Resources

Dear hyperthyroid warrior,

Thank you so much for buying my book. It’s time to save your thyroid through diet and lifestyle and regain your health!

As you know, I personally was diagnosed with Graves’ disease in 2008, and while I’ve been in remission since 2009, I still remember how scared I was after being diagnosed.  While I was fortunate that my endocrinologist didn’t pressure me to receive radioactive iodine or thyroid surgery, this isn’t the case with everyone.

In fact, some endocrinologists will give RAI or surgery as the first option, which in my opinion is ludicrous! There is a reason why you developed your hyperthyroid condition, and in order to prevent future health issues from developing it’s important to find and address the triggers and underling imbalances.

That’s why I created my first book on hyperthyroidism “Natural Treatment Solutions for Hyperthyroidism and Graves’ Disease” and I’m thrilled to be releasing my second book on Hyperthyroidism.

Below, you’ll find each of the resources and references that I mention in the book, which will further help you reverse your hyperthyroidism using diet and lifestyle. If you need assistance, you can contact my customer support team at staff@naturalendocrinesolutions.com.

Best of health,

Dr. Eric Osansky, DC, MS, IFMCP

Note: Please click on the links below to access the individual resources. You’ll also notice that there are additional resources below the images.

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Click Here to access the Bonus Chapter on Nutritional Supplements

Click Here to access the Bonus Chapter on Iodine in Food

Click Here for the Level 3 Hyperthyroid Healing Diet Checklist

Click Here for the Level 2 Hyperthyroid Healing Diet Checklist

Click Here for the Level 1 Hyperthyroid Healing Diet Checklist


Dark chocolate article from Consumer reports:


Olive oil safe choices:



Note: make sure it says “100% California” on the label

Dr. Gundry Yes_No_List:


Purchasing produce according to the season:


Dr. Sarah Ballantyne Updates to Autoimmune Protocol:


Learn how to prepare your own fermented foods:


Electrolytes I recommend:


Note: you don’t have to order through the above referral link, but if you do you get an extra sample pack 😊

Books (amazon links): Nutrivore, Toxic Superfoods

low FODMAP diet list


SIBO Specific Food Guide:


Low histamine food list:


Non toxic mattresses:




Dry brushing video:


Protein powders I recommend:

If you are looking for an AIP/Level 3 Diet-friendly protein powder to add to your smoothies I would recommend “PurePaleo”.  It comes in vanilla, chocolate, and unflavored:


A less expensive (and vegetarian) option is Pea Protein, and this seems to be fine for those following an AIP/Level 3 diet.


Other Resources:

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Click Here to access the podcast episode “Increasing Bone Density with Kevin Ellis (aka the Bone Coach)”

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